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Cover artwork:

"funselektion" - funselector

Digital artwork

"live @ living gallery" - funselector (mix)

Crop of a 3d scan of a physical drape.

"sc4lp2ure 446" - funselector

Digital artwork made from a 3d scan of a physical drape with a large tapestry I created from scrap fabrics.

"flyday" - funselector

Digital artwork

"Huge Breakthrough" - funselector

35mm photograph

"real rock" (single version) - funselector

iPhone photo of a silkscreen design I printed on a vintage t-shirt.

 "The V Tape" - Blottter

Digital artwork

"Aetom" - Blottter

Digital video still

 "" - Blottter

Digital artwork

"ATK.DFS" - Blottter

Digital artwork